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                • What is Umbrella Lighting used for?

                  What is Umbrella Lighting used for?

                    What is an Umbrella Light? First of all, we need to know what is umbrella light (parasol light)? Umbrella light is a kind of lighting fixture that can be installed on the patio umbrella. These types of outdoor lights are sold in different shapes, sizes and color...
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                • Solar Umbrella Lights Stopped Working – What To Do

                  Solar Umbrella Lights Stopped Working – What To Do

                  If your solar Umbrella Lights are not working correctly, do not throw away unless you have ready this article. In this article, we will take you through some tips and tricks that may come in handy if your solar umbrella light is no...
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                • How Do You Replace The Battery for a Solar Umbrella Light

                  How Do You Replace The Battery for a Solar Umbrella Light

                  A relaxing evening outdoor will create a perfect atmosphere if you have an umbrella that will provide you lighting. It brings more joy and allows you to spend quality time from your busy life. Solar umbrella light will enable you t...
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                • Finding Different Types of Christmas Lights for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

                  Finding Different Types of Christmas Lights for Decorating Your Christmas Tree

                  Cheery Christmas lights are essential for the Christmas holidays. They may be most often associated with Christmas trees, but who knows? Christmas lights can also be used for many other things. For instance, decorating around the inside of your home with Christmas lights would be a great idea for...
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                • China Decorative String Light Outfits Wholesale-Huizhou Zhongxin Lighting

                  China Decorative String Light Outfits Wholesale-Huizhou Zhongxin Lighting

                  Our company’s?brand name is?Zhongxin Lighting, which is a professional manufacturer of decorative lights and garden products, integrating industry and trade. The company was established in June 2009. is located in Huizhou City Guangdong Province, China, covering an area of 6,000 square mete...
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                • Decorative String Lights: Why are they so popular?

                  Decorative String Lights: Why are they so popular?

                  Because outdoor string lights can make a simple backyard or terrace feel like a romantic outdoor cafe, it has rapidly expanded.This?makes it particularly serious in the summer away from socializing. The light string can make the time spent outdoors at night?more?relaxed and enjoyable. Even a sim...
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                • How?to?make?the?most?of?your?outdoor?space?after?dark

                  There can be many different reasons why you may want to add light to your garden, it may be for decorative purposes, perhaps for security purposes or maybe for purely functional purposes. In this article we are going to take a look at the different options available for your garden lighting needs...
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                • Spending more time outside? Patio Lights to help you create a backyard oasis

                  Spending more time outside? Patio Lights to help you create a backyard oasis

                  If you’re like most people, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your backyard this summer. Given the new “normal” of our world, staying home is the best option to avoid crowds and gatherings. Now is the perfect time to design your backyard oasis with these tips. Start with comfortable seating A p...
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                • The 10 most popular outdoor solar candle lights in 2020

                  1.Solar Lantern Tea Lights Candles, ZHONGXIN These standard size classic candles by Zhongxin set the perfect mood for holiday celebrations, weddings, parties, and other DIY projects. Amazon also offers a 1-year quality guarantee for this product. You can replace or return the product anytime, an...
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                • Global Lighting Lighting Market Analysis, Zhongxin Lighting tells you more

                  From the perspective of regional distribution, China, Europe, and the United States are still the main markets. The size of the Chinese lighting market accounts for 22% of the world’s total; the European market also accounts for about 22%; followed by the United States, which accounts for 2...
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                • Nanjing 2020 Qinhuai lantern fair 9 lantern shows

                  Take the beautiful ancient capital and happy China as the mainline, create an immersive atmosphere, increase the interaction of tourists, reflect the flavor of Nanjing. The 34th China Xinhua Lantern Festival will be held on January 17, 2020 (the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month) Lantern Festiva...
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                • Southeast Asia enters the age of entertainment shopping. Who will win, Shopee or Lazada?

                  Southeast Asia enters the age of entertainment shopping. Who will win, Shopee or Lazada?

                  Shopee and Lazada are competing for The Southeast Asian market, according to The Map of Southeast Asia e-commerce2019 third quarter report. The southeast Asian Internet economy, driven mainly by e-commerce and ride-hailing services, passed the $100bn mark in 2019, tripling in size over the past f...
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                • Ma Yun: the digital economy belongs to Africa. When the E-WTP lands in Ethiopia, the import and export trade of outdoor solar decorative lights will become more and more popular.

                  Ma Yun: the digital economy belongs to Africa. When the E-WTP lands in Ethiopia, the import and export trade of outdoor solar decorative lights will become more and more popular.

                  On November 25, the Ethiopian government signed a contract with Alibaba to jointly build the E-WTP(world electronic trade platform). Ethiopia’s prime minister Abby, Ma Yun and Jing XianDong witnessed the signing of the contract. E-WTP, the electronic world trade platform, means to promote ...
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                • What distinction do natural material and artificial material have?- such as natural materials decorative lights

                  Natural materials are only physical or unprocessed materials!It all comes from plants, animals and minerals and so on. Jade, rubber, cotton, hemp, silk, marble, granite, clay, pearl, amber and so on. Artificial materials are natural materials that have been processed by artificial chemical metho...
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                • What kinds of LED copper wire lamp strings do you have?

                  LED lamp string can be divided into copper wire lamp string and silver wire lamp string from the wire, but the main market is copper wire lamp string.Today we are going to learn about copper wire lamps. 1.? LED light string is mainly divided into battery box series and transformer series accordin...
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                • Do you know some general knowledge about LED lights?

                  Do you know some general knowledge about LED lights?

                  Let’s take a look at some of the basics of LED lighting. What are some benefits of LED lights? 1. LED lights is Green environmental protection, no mercury, lead lamp harmful substances, conducive to recycling. 2. LED light is No ultraviolet, No infrared, etc., less radiation,Green light so...
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                • How should we decorate our bedroom?

                  How should we decorate our bedroom?

                  I believe that everyone has a different perception of beauty. There is no denying that they all like to live in the environment what they like,because they can feel comfortable and happy.So how should choose the adornment style of his bedroom?There are several good ideas for your reference. 1. Co...
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                • China Lantern Festival -4 representative lantern fairs in China

                  China Lantern Festival -4 representative lantern fairs in China

                  Lantern Festival is an ancient folk culture in China. It is very traditional and has local characteristics. What are the famous lanterns in China?This paper introduces 4 representative lantern fairs. 1. Shanghai yuyuan Lantern Festival Every year from the first lunar month to the 18th lunar mont...
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